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Free coworking spaces for students right at their university!

Multifunctional spaces for work, study, but also entertainment and rest.

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What UNISPACE provides

  • Tech Events

    With our partners, we organize career and educational events.

  • Gaming Zone

    Feel free to use our powerful PCs and have fun!

  • Meeting Rooms

    Cowork is also equipped with rooms for business meetings and calls.


  • General Partner

    • Accenture
    • Legion
    • Takeda
  • Main Partner

    • TPD
  • Partner

    • Nexteria
    • JetBrains
  • Media partner

    • robime.it

Where to find us?

You can find Unispace coworking spaces at FMFI UK and FEI STU. We are currently discussing expansion to other faculties and we hope that you'll soon find Unispace in other cities as well!